• Bridge of Change

    Last week I spent time in Birmingham at the NEC for the annual dental industry showcase. If you’ve never been, it is an exhausting three days where the internal environment of the show, the weird lighting, constant talking, and being on your feet for 14 hours a day all act in concert to leave even […]

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  • Different landscape, same pain…

    Twelve hours’ drive south east from Mwanza and you’ve barely covered a quarter of the length of Tanzania, yet it feels like a foreign land. “Sleepy Mbulu District” way up in the Rift Valley highlands, surrounded for much of year by clouds, to the east overlooking Tarangire National Park and to the north, the vast […]

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  • Scarred for life, in agony, and at risk – Petro’s story

    We frequently see just how much damage a lack of simple dental knowledge and access to basic treatment can do in rural communities. Hidden by geography many hundreds of miles from the decision makers, huge swathes of the community suffer untreated pain, with no hope of help. But this story has even affected many of […]

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  • healing the invisible scars…

    “They told me I was fine and free to go” said John, grimacing as he spoke, his face, covered in scars and stitches, his left eye distorted in shape, weeping continuously, his right ear, missing.   The Bridge2Aid training team met John in Tarime during the programme being carried out at Sirari health centre, close […]

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  • Dental training programme February 2015: the locations

    On the 9th February, 20 Bridge2Aid volunteers will be arriving in Tanzania to train 12 rural health workers (Clinical Officers) in emergency dental treatment. The training team will be travelling to two districts in the northern lake zone of Tanzania. Nyang’hwale and Tarime Rural. Nyang’hwale is one of 5 districts comprising Geita region and home […]

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  • Hobson’s choice….

    When Magalita (78) spoke, she did so in her tribal Kurya language; very slowly and quietly. It was hard to understand her whispers; even her grandson, who interpreted for us, struggled to catch every word. She had a swelling the size of a child’s fist on the right side of her face. Her pain and […]

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  • More than just a number

    The Bridge2Aid dental training programme has, since 2005, created access to emergency dental care for 3,380,000 people living in the rural areas of Tanzania and has provided free treatment during training to over 29,000 people.  The numbers are significant, the impact is considerable, but this is only half the story, the individual people we are […]

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  • Lives free from pain: Bridge2Aid’s human legacy

    Igalukiro health centre lies in Magu district, around 45 minutes on a dusty, rough road from the nearest town. Along the way are scattered mud-brick houses, surrounded by dry farmland growing rice and cassava, stems brittle in the scorching air. A man of around 70 enters the clinic of Redempta, the Clinical Officer. His pain […]

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  • Sustainability – just another buzz word?

    In 2004, four Health Workers were trained in emergency dental care on the first ever Bridge2Aid training programme. Ten years on, more than 50 Health Workers are being trained every year by Bridge2Aid volunteers. Impressive development, though how sustainable is the training programme? The question of sustainability is a widely-debated issue within the field of […]

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  • Ten years in pain

    “How many wives?” Bridge2Aid’s Stellah asked William again just to make sure she had heard correctly. “Fifteen wives and 45 children (21 boys and 24 girls)” replied William proudly, smiling to show a mouthful of discoloured, very-decayed-looking teeth. William (74), like most living in his village in rural Magu district, is a farmer, though he […]

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