Current Programmes

Infant Oral Mutilation (IOM) Training Programme – Tanzania

In February 2022 Bridge2Aid started a new training project focussed around Infant Oral Mutilation. IOM happens when a very young child is taken to a local healer with sickness and diarrhoea.  If the healer can feel the ‘tooth buds’ of the emerging canines through the child’s gums, then they may diagnose these as ‘plastic teeth’.  To prevent the illness getting worse it is thought that the ‘plastic teeth’ need to be removed.  This is done using the very basic tools that a local healer has, most usually a sharpened bicycle spoke.  Using this unsterilised tool, with no efficient way to stop any bleeding, and no form of anaesthetic, the tooth buds are taken out.  Often the both the infant tooth buds and the tooth buds that will develop into adult canines are removed at the same time, so the patient will never have canine teeth.  This is painful, dangerous, and sometimes deadly.  The aim of our training is to educate community champions who will work towards changing local attitudes to this practice.

Bridge2Aid developed this training alongside our Tanzanian partners and the training is being delivered by local members of the Tanzanian Dental Association.  For more detail about this work click here


Oral Health Promoter Training – Malawi

In Spring 2021, Bridge2Aid worked in partnership with The Dental Association of Malawi, The Ministry of Health of Malawi, Smileawi, Smile North (Malawi) The Maldent Project and ProDental CPD to deliver online, digital training to Dental Therapists in Northern Malawi.

The second part of this programme is to work with the Dental Therapists that were trained to train community and village volunteers as Oral Health Promoters. This work is being funded by the Scottish Government, and Malawian Dental Therapists will be training 90 Oral Health Promoters over March,April and May 2022.

This training will ensure that vital oral health messages will cascade into the most remote and rural communities in Malawi – with prevention at the centre of the work.

Read the amazing story of how Bridge2Aid began, and some of our history here

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