Our Theory of Change

Lack of any oral health education, or embedded oral health messages, in much of the developing world (especially rural areas).

Low level of oral health education in community health workers.

This results in communities being unaware of effective preventive behaviours – and often believing in harmful myths around oral development.

Community Health Workers who are unable to effectively diagnose or signpost.

This results in much higher levels of infection, and chronic pain – leaving already vulnerable communities weaker and more vulnerable.


Cascade training delivered via selected cadres to enable them to embed core oral health messages into their communities.

Cascade training delivered via selected cadres to enable them educate their communities about the harm caused by popular myths (such as plastic teeth/infant oral mutilation).

Training delivered to community health workers and other cadres to increase their knowledge of oral health, diagnosis and signposting.

A strong base of knowledge in local communities around behaviours for effective prevention of oral diseases.

A  strong base of oral health knowledge at community level  on an understanding of medical based advice rather than myths and superstitions.

Expanding and embedding oral health knowledge and diagnostic skills at a primary healthcare level.

Improved healthcare outcomes for local community (knowledge changes behaviours leading to harmful diseases and infections).

Healthcare inequality is addressed.

Children are protected from Infant Oral Mutilation.

Improved healthcare outcomes for local community (symptoms spotted and correctly diagnosed early/at a primary healthcare level).


Large scale improvement in oral health.

Harmful ‘folk practices’ are reduced.

The national healthcare infrastructure is strengthened.



ALL UNDERPINNED BY: Equality, Respect, Sustainability, Local Partnerships, Invitation, Collaboration, Ministry permissions

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