Our Theory of Change

issueOral diseases currently affects about 3.5 billion people around the world.

Oral diseases primarily affect the poorest, most disadvantaged and most socioeconomically marginalized populations.

A lack of trained dental personnel in many lower income countries leads to a lack of access to any form of safe basic treatment for oral disease and dental infection.

As well as impacting health, untreated oral disease can affect overall well-being and quality of life, especially where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment are limited.



PREVENTION: Communities receive oral health education and oral disease prevention messages to prevent oral disease occurring.

TREATMENT Task-shifting to equip rural health workers with the skills needed to deliver ongoing emergency dental treatment within their communities.


TRAINING: Directly training health workers in delivering prevention messages and providing emergency treatment. Training the trainers to cascade prevention messages to communities.

EDUCATION Working with local partners to deliver prevention messages directly to rural communities.

ADVOCACY Being part of the wider conversation around global oral health, and helping to influence key players and policy makers leading to systemic change.

outcomeOral disease is prevented and controlled as communities understand common risk factors.

Improved healthcare outcomes for rural communities as emergency treatment is available and affordable when people suffer pain from oral disease.

Reduction in chronic infection and life-threatening conditions as oral disease can be prevented and/or treated at an early stage.

Access to treatment and education around prevention of disease improves local economy and educational outcomes.

Capacity building in rural areas for safe and effective early intervention in oral disease

Healthcare inequality is addressed within socioeconomically marginalised populations.



Communities are more self sustaining and resilient.

The national healthcare infrastructure is strengthened.

Dental disease and oral pain are reduced in the future.



ALL UNDERPINNED BY: Equality, Respect, Sustainability, Local Partnerships, Invitation, Collaboration, Ministry permissions

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