Jo’s return to Mwanza

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On the 30th June this year I had my final day working in our Mwanza office before me and the family moved back to the UK. It was an odd day as I knew I would be working with the team again and continuing to oversee all of our work in Tanzania, but knowing I wouldn’t see the team everyday was the hard part. The week before was full of final meetings and conversations wrapping up how everything was progressing and final tweaks here and there.
Then the day came on 7th July for us to leave and have a well needed break for the summer. I knew I wouldn’t hear from the team again until 1st September. I left confidently knowing they were equipped to get on with what they needed to.
Our UK move took place and summer passed and 1st September crept up on me. I was excited to be back at work and back in touch with the team. It took me a while to work out our new way of working and communicating via Skype rather than face to face. I soon realised that it didn’t matter that it was taking me a while to adjust as they were all doing fine and although pleased to have me back they had all done an amazing job whilst I had been having some time off and they had all stepped up and got on with it.
Since then we have established a great way of working and although it’s not the same as being in the same office – it’s ok. When I left in July I promised the team I would be back, so when November snuck up on me I was beginning to get excited about heading back to Mwanza. I was also a little apprehensive of what I would find, and how I would feel. Have they actually been doing the great job I thought they had or was I going to find some unexpected cracks? I returned from Mwanza last week and am so pleased to say that I had absolutely no reason for concern, they are all doing a great job and my three Managers, Jackie, Joyce and Grace with the support of Ian Stephens, have really stepped up and grown into their leadership shoes. It was such a fun week being with them again and it reenergised me for the next 6 months until I get to go back again. I left feeling very proud and with the knowledge that moving back to the UK was the right thing which has allowed them to step up and fulfil their roles as leaders. I’m delighted that they don’t need me to be present every day, I’m proud that they fully represent B2A and our values and am encouraged by how others spoke of their leadership and ownership of the organisation. One person said to me ‘they are continuing to lead and run the organisation as you and Mark would want’. Those words meant a great deal.
So I continue to work closely with them all, to guide and oversee where necessary and to lead but from afar. For now I am grateful and thankful for the time we have had over the last 10 years and the growth we have seen for individuals and the work that we do.

Mwanza Team Christmas
This picture is us all having a bit of early Christmas fun!

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