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Smarter & Stronger Appeal

(Bridge2Aid’s COVID19 response)

Our mission is to develop sustainable ways to protect people in rural East Africa from oral pain. In uncertain times this remains our top priority. Due to COVID19 our physical emergency dental training programme is now on hold until June 2021. But the work of Bridge2Aid will be ongoing.

STRONGER: We are working hard to strengthen our work through technology so we can improve the access to training via new educational tools.

SMARTER: During the next year we also want to improve our programmes with online training and support, especially for the in-country future dentists, the health workers we train and the volunteers we work with. This will be developed specifically for the technology available to those we work within East Africa.

How your donation will help

  • Improving our training with technology – designing pre-programme training module, information tools for Health Workers, and online mentoring for those who have already attended Bridge2Aid’s training.
  • Developing online training tools for our volunteers.
  • Helping to provide devices to dental students in Malawi who have returned to their rural communities while universities close (due to the pandemic) to make sure they have access to course content.
  • Establishing a virtual international conference ‘Innovative and Sustainable Remote and Rural Healthcare: How can we do it better?’
  • Continuing to work with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health to help develop Tanzania’s National Oral Health Strategy – following the national oral health survey that has just been completed.

Why Bridge2Aid? Why now?

A crisis requires new ways of thinking and brave decisions.
For 15 years, Bridge2Aid has worked alongside the Ministry of Health in Tanzania and helped millions of people out of pain. We are now working on exciting new projects with the Malawian Ministry of Health too.

COVID19 means that we have to adapt and work in new ways. This means innovation and taking brave leaps into the future. We need your support to work smarter and come out of this crisis stronger. Your support will make a difference.

Please donate today to help us continue to fight pain and oral disease in East Africa.

How to support:

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You can participate in one of our Smarter & Stronger Virtual Challenges! Find more information here.

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