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  • World Oral Health Day 2018

    Today is World Oral Health Day.  We’re very proud to have been heavily involved in supporting the Tanzania Dental Association during the week leading up to today.  It’s been a week of oral health education, screening in schools and treating the local community.  Awareness of oral health in rural Tanzania is very low so our […]

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  • Hope Dental – A good news story

    Our CEO Shaenna shares her memories of the history of Hope Dental – and the visionary changes that have taken place in the past year “I feel fortunate to have had a close personal relationship with Hope Dental Centre in Tanzania for many years.  As many of you will be aware, since 2004 Bridge2Aid has […]

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  • Back to basics

    So I open Facebook one evening to check on the world, to find my husband has “posted” (a rare event). There’s a photo of him holding a very small baby, wishing every day could start like that, and recalling a time when our two teenagers were that small. Apart from the shock of seeing him […]

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  • World Health Organisation Manual

    I’m in that wonderful place today of having just returned from 2 weeks off. I am fresh, rested (despite holiday with three children under 10!) and ready to get going on a very exciting few months ahead. One of the challenges of building the work that Bridge2Aid does – raising awareness of a hidden problem, […]

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  • What is ‘good volunteering’?

    Here’s a quite a dense quote : ‘The assumption that we are the solution to another’s problem becomes a proposition of self-interest, whereby we feel we are able to tell people what their problems are, and then deal with them on our own terms.’ Dickson & Dickson. I got involved with Bridge2Aid to help dental […]

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  • Succession – it’s not about you really

    It’s now been just over a year since my time as resident in Tanzania came to an end. After almost 10 years living in Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria, on July 5th my family and I drove 12 hours to Nairobi before catching the onward flight to London. Flicking through Timehop and Facebook […]

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  • Middle aged charity CEO enters lycra life-stage

    Ok I can’t put it off any longer – it’s time to start getting the miles in for this thing I have signed up for in just 3 months’ time. The Straumann Ride (or ‘Dentists in Lycra’ yikes) will be me and 40 others on a 5 day 500 mile bike ride from the mediterranean […]

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  • Steak & Implants

    Last week was a busy week – ending with a fantastic day at the Dentistry Show.  I’ve been on no fewer than 12 trains battled with signal failures on the Jubilee line, and got a lot fitter lugging suitcases through the tube network. I also learned a lot about implants (dental ones that is). And […]

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  • Oral Health – an urgent need

    The annual World Oral Heath Day came around last week. If like me, you’re not a dentist, you probably missed it. Given the number of other diseases we hear about, that sadly kill sufferers far more quickly, that’s no surprise. So why is oral health important, when there’s so much else in the news? What […]

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  • Other People’s Views

    It’s been a couple of weeks now since I hosted five leaders from the dental industry on a short visit to Tanzania. My only regret is that I didn’t organise something like this sooner. The trip was a great success and it was a privilege to show the group around Mwanza, visit a Bridge2Aid training […]

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