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  • Use it or lose it

    I’m grateful for the people in my life who provide timely reminders of what’s important. A couple of years ago I started working with someone in Tanzania who was keen to support Bridge2Aid. He has lived and worked in the country for many years, is hugely respected, and in terms of philanthropy and working with […]

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  • Smile in Pink – a day that so many are waiting for

      Friday 5th June sees our second annual ‘Smile in Pink’ day in aid of Bridge2Aid take place. Over 40 practices around the country, plus the whole of the Oasis Dental Care network will dress up in pink for the day, and raise as much money as they can to support Bridge2Aid! It has been […]

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  • The multiplier

    As the countdown for my return to the UK continues, it’s been a time for a lot of reflection. I guess it’s inevitable that once the end of your time gets closer that you begin to not only reminisce but also reflect on how much of an impact you’ve really been able to have. For […]

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  • New Region, New Partner

    We are very excited about extending DVP to a no fewer than three new regions in the next 3 months. In June we will be in Mororgoro and Tanga, and in July will move to the very far south east of Tanzania to Lindi Region. The Lindi project has been made possible by an introduction […]

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  • Effective and Efficient

    We work very hard at Bridge2Aid to make the very best use of the money we’re entrusted with. If you’ve ever visited us in Mwanza or the office in Wotton-Under-Edge, you’ll know that we certainly aren’t flash! I am constantly impressed by how much the teams in both countries manage to achieve with the money […]

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  • DVP Developments

    We are excited to be working at a Ministerial level on some developments with DVP. Following the visit of the Deputy Minister for Health on behalf of the President in October to our practical training and treatment programme in Mara Region, we have been in discussions about how to make the programme more widely available. […]

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  • Dentist Bashing

    A post this week aimed mainly at non-dentist readers, but which I hope is an encouragement to dentists and the profession as well. There’s a great deal of ‘Dentist Bashing’ in the media at the moment it seems. Mainly coming from the Daily Mail from what I can see. Although a lot of this passes […]

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  • Dentistry Show special – thanks to Dentinal Tubules

    Thanks to our friends at Dentinal Tubules, there is a great deal on offer for new premium subscribers at the Dentistry Show this week. Anyone who subscribes to Dentinal Tubules Premium during the show will receive a free copy of ‘The Smiling Dentist’ AND Dentinal Tubules will make a donation to Bridge2Aid! Alif Moosajee wrote […]

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  • Another milestone for the B2A team

    I am so proud I could pop. A couple of weeks ago we ran our latest training and treatment programme in the Manyara region of Tanzania. Our practical training and treatment programmes create sustainable access to emergency dental treatment in rural areas. We treat the community for free, train local health workers how to extract […]

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  • World Oral Health Day

    The annual World Oral Health Day comes up again this Friday. If like me, you’re not a dentist, your response may well be ‘so what?’ It’s not an unexpected one given the level of other disease around the world. So why is Oral Health important? What I’ve observed over the past 12 years I’ve been […]

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