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Our Sustainable Training Model

Our model

Lack of access to any form of safe basic treatment for oral disease and dental infection in rural Tanzania.

This results in untreated disease, infection, and chronic pain – leaving already vulnerable communities weaker and more vulnerable.

The issue also compounds factors causing poverty – people are unable to work and farm; children are unable to attend school.

Training of rural health workers (COs – Clinical Officers) in emergency dental treatment & delivery of preventative oral health education to their local population

An increasing number of village based COs are upskilled and enabled to deliver emergency dental treatment.

Secondary beneficiaries receive free dental treatment during the course of each training programme

COs are able to deliver ongoing treatment and oral health education to their communities as part of their portfolio of treatment options

COs are able to signpost people to other services if during oral examination they exhibit oral symptoms of other diseases (e.g. oral cancer or HIV/AIDS)

Improved healthcare outcomes for local community. Early diagnosis & treatment is available preventing chronic infection and life threatening conditions.

Local population are able to access safe affordable treatment near to where they live.

Access to treatment impacts on long term conditions and improves local economy and educational outcomes

Capacity building in rural areas for safe and effective early intervention in oral disease

Capacity to provide vital primary healthcare is improved – specifically for the poorest communities in the country.

Base level of oral health improves due to improved treatment and community preventative oral health knowledge.

Risk reduction and prevention of chronic conditions.

National healthcare infrastructure is strengthened.

Communities are more self-sustaining and resilient and healthcare inequality is addressed

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