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Digital Training – Infant Oral Health Mutilation


Currently, we are in the process of developing a pilot project for education around the dangers of Infant Oral Mutilation (IOM) of young children in the Mara Region of Tanzania. IOM is dangerous traditional rural practice that often leads to infection and death.  We are doing this in conjunction with Tanzanian partners and the Global Child Dental Fund.

The pilot will look to train around 150 participants in 2 wards via a cascade training model.  Those who will be trained will include District Officials, Dental Therapists, Clinical Officers. Nurses, Ward Officers, Traditional Healers, Teachers and Ward Development Officers.

We’re continuing working with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and supporting the new Chief Dental Officer to produce a National Oral Health Strategy for the country for the next 5 years.

This will have a huge impact on the oral health of the nation. Bridge2Aid has developed the work plan and been instrumental in liaising with funders to make this work possible for Tanzania.  The World Health Organisation is included in the project to provide oversight and advice.  The first stage of the development of the strategy is planned for late March with completion due in October 2021.

To view and/or download a copy of the full work plan and proposal click here 


How the Cascade Training Model Will Work.

The training will comprise of three sessions . Each session will train a group of stakeholders and reflect their existing knowledge base and role in the community.


Training session 1

cascade training 1

Cascade training for Dental Therapists

















There will be 14 participants.

Single session to cover staff for District Council management teams.

Each Council (TTC & TDC) has a district council management team of seven people. These include;

  • District Medical Officer
  • District Dental Officer
  • District Social Welfare Officer
  • District Reproductive & Child Coordinator
  • District Community Development Officer
  • District Education Officers

N.B. The Dental Therapist in each council holds the role of district dental officer (DDO)

The training will be delivered by Dr Nila.

There will be an initial three hour session for all attendees. There will then be a further three hour session for the dental therapists, where they will taught how to deliver the training.

It’s imperative that the council officials attend to ensure there is high level buy in.

The majority of IOM is performed by traditional Healers as a source of Income.


Training session  2

Cascade training in healthcare14 Participants attending one training session.

This training session will be for Clinical officers and nurses in the two wards. Their training session will be delivered by the Dental Therapists and overseen by Dr Nila.

We are using the Dental Therapists to train these cadres because it will create ownership, as they are the immediate supervisors for clinical officers and nurses. By training nurses the information will be integrated into staff who provide routine maternal and child health (MCH) education.












Training session 3 (A)

Cascade Training multi- useTraining session three will consist of two workshops.

Workshop A will have 44 participants and will be a half day of training for;

  • traditional healers
  • traditional leaders/influential people
  • health facility governing committee members
  • community health workers.

The Workshop will be presented by clinical officers and nurses with dental therapists and Dr Nila observing and providing support.











Training session 3 (B)

Workshop B will have 83 participants. Due to the high number we will split the work and do two workshops.

Workshop B TRAINING for;

  • ward development committees
  • village/ward political leaders
  • village/ward executive officers
  • professional people from within the ward
  • school teachers overseeing health affairs

Due to the seniority of the attendees, workshop B will be presented by a Dental Therapist and Dr Nila. Clinical officers and nurses will help facilitate as they provide a direct link to the community and are also responsible to the ward development committee members.

Participants will Be:

  • 45 Ward development committee Members
  • 21 School teachers
  • 17 members of Local Health Centre Governing Committees




Cascade Training total numbersOn completion of all the proposed workshops a total of 155 people will have attended and received the Infant Oral Mutilation Awareness and Prevention Training programme.

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