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We asked a few of our supporters and team to tell us what Bridge2Aid means to them, or what inspires them about our work. Here are a few of their replies:

 Emily-Mae Harding – One of our Oral Health Team Volunteers


“What inspires me about bridge2aid is how life changing it is for not only the patients we treat but us as volunteers, it really does open your eyes seeing how grateful everyone is for what you’re doing for them. And how much the organisation is so respected by everybody who is part of it. I can’t not express enough the life changing experiences I embarked upon on my first trip in November 2019 and I can’t wait for the next.”


Paul Tasman – Bridge2aid’s Operations Manager

“What inspires me about Bridge2Aid is the really positive approach to international development. We see the people that we are working with in Tanzania and Malawi as partners and colleagues and stakeholders. They bring huge value to our organisation and we celebrate and recognise this. Bridge2Aid is very respectful that we are guests in somebody else’s country – there are no short cuts. I’m really proud to be a part of this organisation.”


Colin Cohen – Interim Chair of our Trustees

“I am not a dentist, but was introduced to Bridge2Aid in 2012 by a dentist friend ( a contributer to Bridge2Aid) who felt some input of business experience was needed for the charity to grow. Bridge2Aid epitomises for me the very best of British philanthropy in that volunteers give their time and costs to go to developing rural communities to use their skill to relieve pain and thus improve the quality of life for people who cannot afford to get treatment for dental disease. These volunteers work in basic conditions to train the local clinical officer in simple techniques to a high standard so that they will be able to add value to their community for a long time after the training is complete and the volunteers have gone home. The large number of volunteers who return for another programme demonstrates the sense of achievement that is obtained, and the commitment to bring their skills to help those with the most need. Bridge2Aid has the very visible support across the dental industry with many organisations providing support in different ways and it creates that sense of ‘family’ and ‘community’ across their supporters and in the small office team that is so efficient. As a current trustee, I feel truly humbled at what is achieved by so many people committed to help others who live with pain and cannot afford to get relief in their communities, and it inspires me to do all that I can to help the charity continue to develop and grow.”

Diane Bell – Member of our Oral Health Team and Clinical Advisory Group

“Its like finding a family I never knew I had. I have been fortunate to have had 4 trips to Tanzania, I remember every trip for different reasons but the 1 thing that connects them is how amazing the people of Tanzania are and how happy to have received treatment to relieve their pain, or oral health advice, to improve their oral health, or information on how to improve their general health by making changes to their diet or reducing tobacco and alcohol, or training, which will enable them to help others. The team spirit is amazing, I have met some wonderful people who I would never have met, been to places I would never have been and experienced things I would never have imagined. Thank you B2A for changing my life and the life of the people of Tanzania.”


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