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– Mark Topley, CEO

You’ll hopefully have heard by now that we reached our Urgent Appeal target of £50,000.

Back in January, we were forced to launch an appeal to get us through a particularly tough period in our cash flow brought about by two financial events which severely reduced the funds we have available to operate in 2014.

We can’t thank people enough for contributing. The immediate response (almost £20,000 raised in a week) was a huge confidence boost to the team and a great encouragement. The steady growth in the appeal over the subsequent 8 weeks brought us into contact with supporters we hadn’t heard from for a while, but whose lives have been impacted for the better by being involved with the Bridge2Aid Family. We also gained new supporters and the organisation is so much stronger than before thanks to the response of the trade and profession.

Reaching the target means that the immediate threat to our work is addressed. We have been able to fund five programmes between January and the end of March – resulting in 27 of the 28 Health Workers we trained being successful – more than a quarter of a million people now live within access of someone who can treat their pain thanks to your support and our efforts since January.

To put the appeal into perspective, the events of last year meant we lost around 25-30% of our planned income for 2014. The appeal has helped enormously, but this year will still be a challenging one for us. We still have some tricky periods to negotiate, and we will, but we need the huge support we’ve seen to continue.

It’s so encouraging that our supporters are continuing to sign up for fundraising events, and organising their own, like the BACD’s ‘Ace of Spades’ Casino fundraiser last week. The appeal page is also still open and I hope people will continue to donate.

The message from me this week, is a huge thank you, and please continue to walk with us through this period.


Because we are making a difference.

Because the problem of untreated oral pain remains largely ignored.

What we have seen through the appeal is that the UK dental profession and trade have a strong affinity with Bridge2Aid. They have responded and shown that B2A is our charity, and this problem of untreated oral pain isn’t our cause. This is both humbling for us, but also very exciting – because we have a unique opportunity to push pack on pain and its prevalence.

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

We have worked tirelessly over the past 10 years to bring access to emergency dental care to over 3 million people. Thanks to our volunteers and supporters, we have achieved a great deal, and have the potential to do so much more. But we cannot do it alone. 

There will be highs and lows and tough periods in the days ahead. Sticking together, we will make it to the next stage where impact for tens of millions will be possible. Thank you, and please continue to support us!

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