Phase 2 Part 1 is complete!

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On Friday 24th January we wrapped up part 1 of our Phase 2 programme which saw 6 Health Workers pass our dental training programme and receive their basic instrument kits. The Health Workers can begin to offer access to free emergency dental care in their communities right away.

The District Dental Officers (DDOs) training the Health Workers did a fantastic job and will participate in Part 2 of the programme in March in order to complete their own training and become certified trainers recognised by the Tanzanian Government.


Over the course of the programme the team treated over 500 patients, and experienced a first as local islanders showed up at the clinic having caught boats across from the neighbouring islands after hearing that free treatment was available. These people have no access to dental care and for them, our training on the edge of Lake Victoria will have a significant impact and provide a way out of pain for thousands.


The 4 DDOs will take part in Phase 2 Part 2 in March, when they will train another group of Health Workers in emergency dental care in Ukerewe, a large island accessible by a three hour ferry ride north of Mwanza.


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