Patient case study: Mshimana

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When our dental volunteers met 6 year old Mshimana in Kirambi village, Rwanda, they were shocked to find that she had at least 10 carious teeth.

MshimanaEven more shocking was how Mshimana’s Father explained that he was not aware that his daughter should be cleaning her teeth – and had never done so. Despite Mshimana suffering with dental pain for some time, the family had been unable to seek treatment as they simply could not afford the costs involved.

When we discussed Mshimana’s case with the District Dental Therapist he explained it was unfortunately a common sight, and commented that the fact that small children are regularly given corn syrup in their bottles is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Corn syrup is cheaper than water in many developing countries and can provide a source of much needed energy – an important factor when you’re living below the poverty line.

Our dental volunteers spent 6 days with Mshimana’s local Nurse as he took part in our dental training programme, and having successfully passed, is now able to offer free emergency dental treatment and oral health advice to his local community.

Had Mshimana’s local nurse not taken part in our dental training programme, it’s very likely that the 6 year old would still be suffering with no hope of treatment now.

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