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We work very hard at Bridge2Aid to make the very best use of the money we’re entrusted with. If you’ve ever visited us in Mwanza or the office in Wotton-Under-Edge, you’ll know that we certainly aren’t flash!

I am constantly impressed by how much the teams in both countries manage to achieve with the money we have and it really does go a long way.

It’s particularly nice for us when that is recognised independently, and so I wanted to share with you the most recent report from Charity Choice on how we spend our money.

Charity Choice use a standard methodology to assess the spending of charities and then publish the results.

Here’s a graphic which sums up the main results here, and you can download the full report at the bottom of this blog post.

CC Report 2013

You’ll see that 88.9% of our donations went on charitable activities. To give you benchmark, the Top 100 UK charities averaged around 78%.

So a huge well done to the team, and I hope that for our supporters, this is further confirmation that we’re an efficiently run organisation.

Efficiency is one thing, but a charity can be very efficient but not at all effective! If your approach or strategy is wrong, then time and money is wasted.

Thankfully that’s not the case for us – combining human capacity building training to make a long term investment in rural health systems at an appropriate level, we’re extending access to the most basic and vital emergency dentistry and oral health education to many communities. We are focussed on making services available to the many – the millions who haven’t even reached first base when it comes to simple pain relief. Using volunteers only as trainers, giving skills to local professionals uniquely suited to deliver services and education, combined with a highly professional team on the ground, and linking directly into government strategy, we’re achieving high levels of effectiveness.

Download the full report here: Charity Choice – Charity Report

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