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This past week I’ve been busy preparing for October – a month I’ve been looking forward to for a while as it marks the 10th Anniversary of the Bridge2Aid Dental Volunteer Programme and Hope Dental Centre.

One of my tasks was to put together a sequence of photos for the 10 Year Birthday Bash at Wembley on Saturday. Nat and Kit in the UK team kindly sifted through our archives and found (we hope!) a photo of every person who has ever taken part in something for Bridge2Aid. Some great pictures, fantastic achievements, wonderful people.


And here’s one that brings back the beginning for me – our very first DVP in October 2004, with Neeta, Debbie and Penny, outside the District Medical Office in Magu on the way to the very first day of training, with the Magu DMO, the Regional Dental Officer Joseph, and Samuel Kalongoji, the District Dental Officer (Jo Topley is taking the picture).

Ian and I haven’t aged a bit 🙂

So much has been achieved since then, and so many people helped directly and indirectly, through DVP, HDC and the work at Bukumbi. And I hope the video we run through the evening on Saturday will bring back all that the Bridge2Aid family has achieved together in that time.

So October kicks off, and as well as pushing on to do more, it’s time to look back and celebrate. It’s going to be an emotional month.

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